Terriers in Heat

Is sex in the penalty box a penalty in and of itself?

What would the infraction be, high sticking?

Does BU put the “penile” in “penal?”

A lot is being made about the BU hockey team’s “culture of sexual entitlement.”  And though some of the things reportedly done are clearly indefensible, most of the things referenced in the report (at least to the extent it is reported in this article) seem like your regular college frat party.

The report even seems to indicate the head coach Jack Parker, whose story may have contradicted itself on occasion, didn’t violate any rules or protocol.

Agreed, I wouldn’t hold out these kids as role models, but it’s not much that doesn’t go on at other campuses around the country.  BU has a great hockey program.  At USC it’s football, at Michigan State its hoops, at Duke it’s Lacrosse….as long as we have athletics and young adults we’re going to have those kids that are the big men on campus and those kids that throw themselves at them.

Now, to be clear, I’m not defending those acts that clearly rise to the level of assault, but jackassery isn’t a crime.  When one of the details that makes the Globe story is that players were answering their phones in class I gotta wonder how much actual sex stuff was uncovered.

True, some of the comments and behavior is juvenile, mysogynistic, and ignorant, but I’d give you good odds that the frequency is right in line with the rest of the male college population.

The real lesson here is that when you’re a scholarship athlete you have to be better than the rest of the male college population. And that is what they call a double standard – or maybe not.

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1 Response to Terriers in Heat

  1. Chelly says:

    I think that much testosterone in one place is bound to create some ridiculous behavior.

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