Entitlemitt Mentality

Poor little rich guy Mitt Romney just can’t seem to help himself. Despite his best efforts, and no doubt a cadre of advisers, he just can’t stifle his inner aristocrat.  Who would have thought that suggesting Hispanic origin would help his election would be only the second dumbest thing he said in this video?

Yes, his latest blunder (read: moment of candor) reveals a healthy disdain for all the unwashed masses sucking on the government teat.

I assumed Romney’s numbers were way off, so I did some quick fact checking.  Turns out he was almost dead on.  The correct number is 46%, not the 47% Romney suggested, but let’s not split such a well-coiffed hair.

Many pundits have already dissected the comments and observed that, among other things, many of those that Romney excoriates are part of the traditional conservative base. Indeed, if this red swath held a prom, you know that the first kids asked would be this red swath.

But we already know that Mitt Romney doesn’t live in our world. Heck, these days it’s barely even newsworthy when a rich guy  – even one running for president – decides to unzip and take a leak on those of us that live paycheck to paycheck.  In fact, I’d probably only be mildly surprised if it turned out the Romney campaign employed its own piss boy. The part that ruffles my spanx is the sheer hypocrisy that goes into some of these remarks.

Isn’t the Republican ideology all about cutting taxes?  Aren’t they the ones that want to make the gubmint small enough to drown in a bath tub? Here you’ve got a segment of the population living the Republican wet dream of paying zero taxes and the only thing the leader of the party can do is mock them and refer to them as if they are third class citizens. Do Republicans want people to pay taxes or not?  I must confess, I’m getting mixed signals.

There’s also the sleight of hand that Romney tries to pull off – alluding alternately to the 47% that pay no federal income tax and the presumably 47% Democratic base, as if they are concentric in the ven diagram.  At best that’s disingenuous, but it also leaves us wondering – if voters traditionally break 45-45 and most races are about trying to capture the proverbial 10% in the middle, doesn’t Romney also step into the ring with a given amount of built-in support?  I mean, if not, who are all these people clinging to their guns and religion?

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