Brown Nosing

I have to admit, I kinda like Scott Brown.

I won’t be voting for him, because there are some significant differences in our politics and by and large I think Elizabeth Warren is smarter and has more upside.  But I don’t harbor the disdain for Brown that I do for many of his Republican colleagues.

I’m not smitten by his everyman persona or his good looks.  I don’t find him charming.  In fact, he seems a bit like the proverbial “not brightest bulb.”   But, the guy represents one of the seminal ideals of what it means to be an American – or at least what it should mean to be an American.  Namely, he seems to sincerely respect the office – and he works hard to fulfill his charge as a public servant.

Scott Brown seems to actually understand that he needs to earn our vote every day.  Sure, that’s a platitude, but Brown strikes me as a guy that embodies the principle.  The mole hill about him almost missing a debate last night because he hung around the beltway to potentially cast a vote, is a telling case in point. If the scenario played out with a different cast of characters, I’d be cynical about his motive.  But I get the feeling Scott Brown is genuinely proud of his obligation to vote.  And good, bad, or indifferent, he’s on the Senate floor when it’s time to stand and be counted.  For my money, there’s real merit in that – even if there’s no pomp.

Without even comparing him to his myriad colleagues that skip out to campaign, or who are deliberately absent from a controversial vote, just the fact that the guy wants to be a good Senator means something.

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