Jack’s Squat

I didn’t watch the debate.  The broad consensus is that Romney did well. But rather than try to build on that momentum the Republican spin cycle began churning harder than an antique  Kenmore.

As if the notion of Jack Welch tweeting weren’t funny enough, he stooped to accusing the Bureau of Labor Statistics of monkeying up the unemployment numbers.

The remark might have been brushed aside as good-natured ribbing if neutron Jack hadn’t followed it with a statement that he stands by his comment.

When I first read the provocative headline I thought maybe there would be some argument as to why certain statistics can be misleading or perhaps there would be an enlightening criticism of the methodology.  But none was provided.  Instead it was just a bald faced assertion that the numbers are a lie.

So, all of this begs the questions:

  • were the stats also fabricated when for so long they were indicating a stagnant economy?
  • who are “these Chicago guys” Welch refers to? and
  • does a Boston guy really want to get into a debate about regional political corruption?

Jack knows that Obama himself doesn’t actually gather the data and create the reports…doesn’t he?

Or, based on his debate performance, maybe Obama really was up all night crunching the numbers.

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