Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they keep hearing the strains of the Five Man Electrical Band? Apology, apology, everywhere an apology.

Todd Akin, Missouri Senate Candidate and part time quack doctor, apologized for claiming that pregnancies from “legitimate” rape are rare.

Richard Mourdock, Indiana Senate candidate apologized just the other day for his comment that rape pregnancies are a gift from God – probably because they’re so rare.

Christine O’Donnell, one-time wiccan and former Delaware candidate for, wait for it….Senate, ran an ad called “I’m you” which some consider an apology for her practicing witchcraft.  The jury may still be out on that but it’s probably worth noting that O’Donnell is also opposed to masturbation, which is ironic because isn’t that what running for public office really amounts to?

Here’s the video package for the apology stemming from Anthony Weiner’s package.

Joe Biden had to apologize this year for speaking without being spoken to.

In May, Mitt Romney apologized for high school “hijinks” such as holding down a gay classmate and cutting off his hair.

Good grief, how about fewer apologies and just less bullying gay kids and sexting pictures of your junk?

I’m sorry this list wasn’t more extensive.

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