With the exception of an Atlantic hurricane, hell hath no furry like a wealthy woman scorned.  And apparently the contentious divorce between Staples founder Thomas Stemberg and his ex was no exception.  The divorce itself is old news, but the Boston Globe recently led an effort to unseal the testimony of one of the witnesses – Mitt Romney.

There doesn’t appear to be any bombshell here.  In fact it’s almost a non-story.  But it does confirm that Romney at times had his doubts about Staples – the crown jewel of his “I can do for government what I did for business” philosophy.

To be fair, Romney and Bain deserve credit for incubating the start up office supplier and sticking with it through the growing pains. But it also underscores a real truth – namely that anyone who tells you he has the business acumen to determine which business will be successful and which won’t, is no more reliable than the radio jocks who think they can accurately predict the winners of the NFL’s weekly slate of games.

Sure, just like the radio jocks, you can provide a litany of reasons that support your theory. They all sound reasonable in the abstract. But in the end, you have only marginally better odds than a Rhesus monkey throwing excrement at a target.

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1 Response to Shitstorm

  1. Brownie says:

    Joe, as I recall from high school, your excrement throwing accuracy was far, far superior to that of any ordinary monkey.

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