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“Summer’s Eve” ain’t just July 3rd at the Romney Compound

Mitt Romney is clearly stinging from his “surprise” loss – which is understandable.  But he’s rapidly becoming a detestable footnote. Rather than take the high road, Romney continues to blame his loss on everyone but himself or his junior varsity pollsters. … Continue reading

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In the event you missed this story that broke over the weekend, you missed one of the most bald-faced acts of extortion, retribution, hypocrisy, and all around tantrum throwing from the very same people that preach personal responsibility and pride … Continue reading

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Queer Numbers

When did accurate math, or basic logic for that matter, become optional in reporting? I pine for the days when the media were merely mediocre.  Now, they are downright irresponsible and grossly imbecilic.  It seems that with increasing regularity the … Continue reading

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Government Mule

There’s a reason why flip flops and hurricanes don’t mix. During the Tea Party beauty contest billed as the Republican primary, Mitt Romney indicated that FEMA should be on the chopping block because any time you can give money back … Continue reading

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