Shit for Brains

I don’t know why I expected anything other than the usual from the NRA, but in the wake of a horrific slaying of kindergarteners, I thought maybe even this despicable violence-promoting lobby might have an epiphany of perspective.  As tends to be the case with those who have nothing but a foolish consistency to cling to, these-single minded, knuckle-dragging agents of death and social scourge could only use the Newtown massacre to try to win political points.

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s chief lobbyist, CEO, or whatever his title is, today suggested that the only way to prevent gun violence is with more guns. Beyond the atrocity of LaPierre’s twisted utopia where there’s an AK-47 in every backpack and magazine clips come in the bottom of cracker jack boxes, the notion that more guns will make us safer from gun violence is a ridiculous proposition of such overt proportions that even the most infantile among us is sure to realize the logical fallacy that this ass crap represents.

Of course, like any other disingenuous, gutter-dwelling, Australopithecus, Lapierre, too cowardly to acknowledge his own murderous role in these mass killings, quickly points his trigger finger at the strawmen of mental illness and video games. Talk about a steaming pile! Let’s ban the pretend version of firearms while promoting the ever increasing and deadly use of the real thing.

This may be the biggest dump ever spewed by the disemboweled anus that Lapierre calls lips. His call for more vigilantism is an experiment already conducted, as we saw when George Zimmerman gunned down Tavon Martin.  Study after study shows that guns in the home make the home less safe, not more.  We’re all familiar with the statistics showing incredibly fewer gun deaths in other advanced countries. The matter is simply not up for debate.  To suggest that more guns will make us safer is like suggesting more cars on the road will decrease car accidents.

Wayne LaPierre and his mentally stunted minions are not just apologists.  They are, in fact, complicit in every incident that ends in a gun death. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown, and every liquor store robbery gone wrong, every episode of domestic violence that ends in tragedy, every accidental gun death.  These are not aberrations.  These are the natural consequences of the unadulterated horse shit pedaled by the NRA and lapped up by gun freaks.

Most of us are not so cognitively dissonant as to be persuaded by LaPierre and the foul odor of the bloody stool emanating from his shameless pulpit.  But let’s also not be so distracted by wringing our hands that we don’t acknowledge our own role in this unspeakable tragedy. Guns are made for killing.  Period.  That’s not a weeny liberal slogan, it’s simply a fact.

To every gun owner and every politician who’s stood up for “gun rights”, and everyone that’s voted for them, you help embolden the NRA and reinforce our gun culture.  You might be able to wash the blood off your hands, but we can still smell the stench of the NRA on your breath.

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1 Response to Shit for Brains

  1. Don’t take the NRA response at face value. Any person or organization presented with a situation putting them on the defensive is smart to alter the situation rather fight back directly under the confines they have defined. Its only natural for someone to try and shift the confrontation to have less of a head on fight. The shift or distraction they chose simply happened to be armed guards, despite being unlikely and impractical in everyone’s minds. They just needed to shift the dialogue somehow and clearly succeeded.

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