Urban Legend In Our Own Time

Wow.  Time does in fact fly when you’re bailing out billion dollar behemoth banks slash insurance conglomerates slash charlatans;  teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff; mired in wars and recession; and having your elected legislators just generally take a dump on you with the regularity of a Swiss timepiece.  Indeed, never have so few done so little to accomplish so much clusterf&*kery, that you almost forget that it’s been what, fifteen years or so since Al Gore invented the internet?

Yes, we hold some truths to be self-evident.  And we hold some stories to be too foolish to be true – but we keep them alive anyway. Because, to believe otherwise would mean we’d have to do the hard work of informing ourselves, and accepting words in context rather than without the partisan layer of lie that we like to foist upon them. To try to seize reason from the jaws of nonsense or to try to ferret out logic in the face of a dung heap of right- wing, fabricated quarter-truths, is apparently just far too big a challenge than most of us are cut out for.

Gore never proclaimed to have invented the triple w.  But, just like Bill Clinton never killed Vince Foster and Barack Obama is as American as maxed-out credit cards and screwing the little guy, it never stopped anyone from perpetuating the canard that he believes he did.  And so it is with Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony today where we’ve stumbled upon another instant classic.

The radical right twitterverse is already afire with righteous indignance about Clinton’s retort of “what difference does it make?” when pressed about the administration’s initial statement that the killings were the result of a protest gone bad (which to be entirely accurate, wasn’t even the administration’s official position at the time).

Any human being that didn’t have a narcoleptic seizure in the midst of the testimony, or that has evolved beyond the second ape from the left on an evolutionary diagram, was rightfully able to follow Clinton’s entire thought – namely, that in the immediate aftermath of the slaughter of four Americans, no one particularly cared what the motivation was. The mission was to figure out who did it,  determine if they had designs on carrying out further acts of terrorism, and to capture them.

But as assuredly as “balanced” follows “fair,” you can guarantee that the right-wing demagogues are already proclaiming that Hillary Clinton testified that it made no difference that four Americans died in Benghazi.

And like lambs to the slaughter, the meek of logic and the winnowed of common sense will perpetuate it.  And generations will repeat it.  Because that’s what we do.

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1 Response to Urban Legend In Our Own Time

  1. chellyhegan says:

    Right on Bro. Hillary just lays it out there and god forbid she does it without the proscribed amount of spin.

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