Lie Hard

Looks like Bruce Willis has fallen under the NRA/Tea Party spell – or as I like to say, come down with a bad case of stupid.

According to this story, Willis is the latest to lap up the vapid absurdities spewed by these disingenuous violence-mongers who rely on the feeble intellect of their audience in order push their propaganda.  As Jon Stewart said “first they came for the guns, and I did nothing…because…..oh yeah, they didn’t come for the guns.”

Of all the rhetorical fallacies available to gutter dwellers like the NRA and their ilk, the slippery slope is apparently the only one they can master.  Maybe you’ll get the occasional straw man, but the slippery slope is their bread and butter.  However, the notion that if we let X happen, then it will be Y, then Z is neither logical in a literal sense, nor historically demonstrable.

Look, you can’t own a tank and drive it to the supermarket to buy some milk and a box of Depends. That’s just the way it is.  But that prohibition has never led the government to ban the Chevy Suburban, then pick up trucks, then compact cars, leading all of us to ride bikes and travel by rickshaw (although, judging by these stats, that might not be a bad idea).

There’s no dynamite aisle at Target.  But, if you like, you are still eminently free to buy “regular” fireworks elsewhere and lose your fingers in an ill-advised oil drum conflagration at your July 4th party.

What the weak of reason like to call “over-regulation” is what the standing erect among us simply refer to as “common sense.” The question isn’t whether there is too much regulation, the question is: why is it necessary?  The answer is –  because there are people like Bruce Willis.

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1 Response to Lie Hard

  1. padraichegan says:

    The weakness of the pro gun types never ceases to amaze me. I am still firmly at odd with the interpretation of the second amendment that a citizen has an implied “right”‘to own any gun at all. It should be seen as driving a car at the least, a privilege in which one must prove some level of competence. Also, whoever came up with the idea that a militia is an individual, has damed us all to suffering at the hands of these idiots. And another thing, the reason they are all afraid of any restrictions such as background checks is because they won’t pass.. Think about it , the numbers show a significant spike in gun sales, but no increase in background checks. It’s all the crazy s heading over to the no gun law states to buy up what they can without having to worry about failing a background check. Oh, I could go on with the recent spate of lies at the senate hearings.

    Soapbox Padraic….

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