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Miranda Warning

There’s nothing like the media throwing around a term it knows nothing about, to turn the average nitwit into an expert.  Take, for example, the issue of  Mirandizing surviving Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Let’s start with the en vogue practice … Continue reading

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Droning on… and on…

Rand Paul is quickly becoming the next Sarah Palin. I doubt he can see Russia from his house in Kentucky, but I imagine he reads most of the papers and magazines. Hell, where else would you get the idea to … Continue reading

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Pick-up Line

Barack Obama is taking heat in some quarters for referring to California Attorney General Kamala Harris as “by far, the best looking Attorney General.”  And rightly so. Clearly the best looking is either Florida’s Pam Bondi or Pennsylvania’s Kathleen Kane.

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Can we stop referring to offensive terms by calling them the “n – word”; the “r – word”; or any other abbreviated-hyphenated euphemism? I understand these words are despicable and, lest I not be clear, I’m not advocating their use … Continue reading

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