Edith, You Dingbat

As we mourn the loss of Jean Stapleton, Judge Edith Jones seems to picking up the slack. Jones, a former darling of George W. Bush, is in hot water over a statement that has been reported as, “Racial groups like African-Americans and Hispanics are predisposed to crime.”

Where does one get ideas like that?  You’re not born that way are you? I bet some Jewish guy that controls the business cartels told her that.

I wanted to ask my Latino gardener whether he were offended by the comments, but he was taking a nap in his low rider.

Beyond the overt racist nature of these comments, they really show a lack of thought.  I’m ok with someone speaking her truth  – even if it’s an ante-bellum, South will rise again, kind of truth. But you gotta bring some critical thinking to the table.

What do you mean by “groups like…”?  Who’s included in that?  And what do you mean by “predisposed”?  Are you confusing the definition of predisposed with the definition of “commit crime at a higher rate”? And for that matter, what do you mean by “crime”? I wouldn’t be surprised if Judge Edith’s definition includes things like: using the morning after pill; being gay; or drinking liquor before noon.

I need some smart, Asian kid to help me figure all this out.   

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1 Response to Edith, You Dingbat

  1. chellyhegan says:

    Seriously you would be thrown off of a Jury for implying such a thing and the person with sentencing responsibility says something that blatant and isn’t tossed off the bench immediately?

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