DeLayed Justice

Well, well, well…look who’s back in the news.  Former House Speaker Tom “The Hammer” DeLay somehow managed to beat his corruption rap.

On appeal, probably to some of the people to whom he helped funnel money, it was determined that the evidence used to convict him was “legally  insufficient” – which we all know is different than a determination that he didn’t do it.  Maybe if Vincent Gambini were the prosecuting attorney the state would have been able to better demonstrate just how DeLay worked his shell game.  

Whenever I think about DeLay claiming “you can’t prove that the $190,000 I gave to person A is the same $190,000 that A gave to B…,” I think of Sidney Bernstein talking about “putting something in this hand to make you forget about what’s in that hand.”

DeLay’s attorney was ‘‘…hoping with today’s victory, he will be able to resume his life as he once knew it.’’

It’s not clear if he were referring to rocking the sweatpants or simply more bullying and manipulating the political system for personal gain.

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