If You’re as Queer as a Three Dollar Bill Are You Allowed to Play Nickel Defense?

If you need any more proof that we’re just an irritable society looking for arguments where none are needed, look no further than the “fallout” from Michael Sams’s proclamation that he’s a proud, gay, soon-to-be NFLer.

Seems to me that he’s been universally applauded and generally supported by everyone from his former teammates to Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Even those that might not approve of the gay “lifestyle” (read: “gay sex act”, cuz  something tells me it’s really not the love of Broadway and sophisticated color palates that they find objectionable) have enough sense to realize gay bashing is so 1980’s.

Don’t get me wrong – I completely support this guy in  his effort to be the Jacquee Robinson of this generation. But so do most people.  The righteous indignation coming from the chief of the players union and other pundits is aimed at a bogey man that doesn’t exist.

Thus far I’ve heard no one publicly state that Sams isn’t welcome in an NFL locker room. The comments from a few unnamed GMs, that have been twisted (the comments, not the GMs), have stated only that they wonder whether an NFL locker room is ready for it. And frankly, that’s an honest suggestion.  As much as the rest of us live in the 21st century, the NFL locker room is one of the last places where faux machismo, steroids, and knuckle- dragging, sophomoric attitudes are still tolerated.  Does the name Richie Incognito mean anything?

So, don’t hate on the messengers – and don’t excoriate them for not wanting to be named – look at the backlash against them already.

Rants like this are great.  They are entertaining, and by and large, carry an  important message.  But they are also misplaced. The GMs made their assessment because, despite all the protestations of Demaurice Smith, there are still guys like these in the NFL. 

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