When Clicking “Unsubscribe” Just Isn’t Enough

I like my crazy like my coffee – hot and steaming.

And that’s why today (using a latex glove) we tip our hat to Charles Benzing – he of the Nashua Benzing’s, of anti union fame.

Speaking of hot and steaming, Benzing, if you missed it, went full throttle defecation on the New Hampshire Democratic party. And though one imagines there are probably a lot things the New Hampshire Democratic party deserves, this is likely not one of them.

On the other hand, the Democrats’ quick decision to suggest that Scott Brown condones such drivel doesn’t rank much higher than said drivel itself.

So there you have it, the fecal slinging equivalent of irresistible force versus  immovable object. If you like a good shitshow it doesn’t get any better than a New England Senate race.

Memo to the Democrats: You checked with all your supporters to make sure no one sent any such garbage Brown’s way, right?

I didn’t think so.





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