Missouri Burning

It’s official. Black people don’t matter.

The failure to indict the trigger-happy cop that slayed Michael Brown, is a miscarriage of justice so epic in it’s proportion, that it defies description and transcends hyperbole.

I say this not as someone who simply wants retribution for the killing of an unarmed teenager, but because I’ve honestly tried to educate myself on the facts of the case.  Not only were there inconsistencies with what the police said versus the eye witnesses (who claimed Brown was shot with his hands in the air) there were things such as proof that Brown was much further away from the officer than we were initially led to believe.  And, at the end of the day, struggle or no struggle, once Brown ran away, he posed no imminent threat.

I thought Ferguson was going to be a tipping point in the evolution of the disparate treatment of black men by law enforcement.  And although there will most certainly be a tipping point some time, the message from this sad state of affairs is obvious. If you’re white, you don’t have to worry about shooting and/or killing a black man (even a boy).  And folks, just to be clear, I’m not talking about situations when the shooter is in danger and has to make a split second decision about whether he’ll ever see his kids again. I’m only talking about instances where the victim was unarmed. The instances are far more than just the Michael Brown massacre.  Go ahead, take a ride down the information super highway and see this article among others.

Blacks are shot and killed by police at a rate far exceeding the shooting of whites.  White people that shoot and kill someone are far more likely to be acquitted than blacks that shoot someone.  Seriously, that’s a fact.  Like, you can empirically prove it.

And this tradition isn’t just practiced by police.  You can try it at home, just ask vigilantes racists scum like George Zimmerman and the guy in Detroit who shot a black woman in the face because she was in a car accident and dared ring his door bell looking for help.

In fact , this dystopic dynamic occasionally reaches other ethnicities too. A white guy in Georgia just recently received only a $500 fine for shooting to death a Latino man that pulled into the wrong driveway to pick up a friend.   But in Ferguson they didn’t even bother with the charade of a trial, because, you know, white cop, black victim. So, the message is clear – Latinos, though clearly second class citizens, are still worth the price of a new iPhone, but blacks have no value at all.


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