Hashtag Racist

Social media is amazing.

It’s overused, over-hyped and overrated. But it really is amazing.

The ability to disseminate news or humblebrag from your phone while anywhere in the world is essentially akin to magic for anyone born before 1985.  A good viral post also allows you to achieve market penetration that even Don Draper only dreamed of.

Not surprisingly though, like a proverbial sword of two edges, or the Lord himself (who, as most of us know, both giveth and taketh), social media can also be a massive septic tank of vile – used by cretins to spread their orthodoxy of hate and ignorance.

Exhibit A.

Jesus Christ, you’d think  the post itself would have been enough batshit for one person. But take a look at the hashtags.  First, as always, the obligatory “I’m not racist.”  If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that the first hint you are probably racist is when you doth protest your racism.  For example, imagine Bill O’Reilly insisting he’s not a liar and a wifebeater  – or Ted Cruz claiming he’s American.

And how about this gem, “it was a gated community.”  Right.  God knows we don’t allow the blacks inside the gates, cuz, c’mon, what do you think the gates are for in the first place?




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