Not too long ago a colleague, transplanted to Kansas (of all places) from Ireland, referred to one of his former clients as a “Gobshite.” I guess it’s a pretty common slang word overseas, but I hadn’t heard it before and was completely amused, when he told me it translates essentially to “Shit Mouth.” Trust me, it sounds awesome when you hear it uttered with a brogue.

To be clear, this doesn’t necessarily refer to someone who uses bad language, but rather is more appropriately used to describe someone who spews drivel.  Think of that Cliff Clavin-type relative at Thanksgiving –  or anyone on the Fox Network.

Not surprisingly, the term pretty accurately sums up Donald Trump.

Don’t get me wrong, if your gig is writing about politics or jackasses, having Trump in the presidential election is like Tiger Woods getting to eat a Perkins waitress at Perkins every night. The guy is great fodder.  But, where Trump really exceeds expectations (even compared to his fellow wingnut, racist, regressive, homophobe, elitist, government-hating, oligarchs) is in his pure over the top caricature of a 19th century robber baron spewing loathe from his pie-hole with little or no effort.

For example, take his now famous “all Mexican immigrants are rapists and murders” comment. There’s no doubt in my mind that most conservatives, though perhaps not to the same degree, think of the “illegals” as dirty people infecting our society.  But, while most of them have the political savvy to couch their ethnic-cleansing bigotry in terms of “they are taking jobs away from American workers” or some other euphemism, Trump goes full-frontal shit-spew.  Frankly, I’m surprised he stopped there and didn’t claim that they’ll eat your kids.

Nonetheless, for all the outrage over Trump’s mouth defecation no one seems to have actually pointed out the real numbers. True, he’s been criticized and given the opportunity to back off his comments. But I can’t recall anyone actually providing the true stats.  Is it possible that despite the overtly bigoted message and the cavalier manner with which it’s delivered, there might be some truth to what he’s saying? Well, of course not. But the criticism is a little stronger if you can actually provide some metrics.

Research isn’t my strong suit, and I don’t generally have the patience to go past the first page of Google results, but we can find some helpful information here and here.

The first story doesn’t contain the necessary information required to make a mathematical calculation about the annual rate of crime among “illegals.”  But it does contain some information that might give us a clue.  For example, the number of undocumented immigrants that were deported last year who had committed a crime is approximately 1.58% of the estimated undocumented population.  The number of imprisoned undocumenteds is approximately .66% of the estimated population.

By comparison, the second link indicates that in 2012, 2.9% of white Americans were arrested.

Like most forms of bigotry and racism, the stereotypes rarely find comfort in the data. But hey, when you’re Donald Trump, Gobshite extraordinaire, why let that stop you?

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