Silver Lining

If you’re like me and you’re still reeling from the events of Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning depending upon your appetite for sleep and/or Armageddon) the last couple days have felt like living a nightmare. Not the kind where you find yourself in middle school and have to walk down the hall and you can’t understand why you’re not wearing pants.  More like the kind where a racist, homophobic, bully misogynist, megalomaniacal adolescent in a man’s body has just been handed the keys to the White House. Good luck holding them with those small fingers.

As I’ve been telling people for the last 48 hours, I could have accepted a Romney presidency.  I could have accepted a McCain presidency. Hell, I lived through the George Bush presidencies (versions HW and just W) and came out safely on the other side. So, my objection to the tangerine-tinted pussy-grabber isn’t political or philosophical. It’s fear- based. I am legitimately afraid of what may happen next with this Molester-in-Chief.

Sure, all politicians stretch the truth, take credit for things they didn’t actually accomplish, and claim to have the solution to all that ails us. But anyone that says, “I know more than the Generals” is clinically delusional.  This guy is as likely to tweet national security information as he is to divorce Melania when she gets her first crow’s foot.

Running the country isn’t like running a Jersey construction project with non-union labor and mob help. It requires diplomacy and tact –  two things that Trump has less of than tic tacs after frenching a Miss America contestant.

Despite all  that, we have a President that was democratically elected, and thus far we’ve accepted the results – like them or not. We take that for granted in this country, but it’s no small accomplishment.

For all of you that are bracing  for the white-knuckle ride that is going to be our next four years, I’m right there with you fastening my seat belt. I’m scared. I’m angry. I’m frustrated I’m worried. I’m a whole lot of other things too. But if you want one thing to be proud of in a time when being an American is getting harder to be proud of, remember this – we just elected a president.  We. The people.

As much of  a jackbag as this guy is, he wasn’t elected by the big corporate interests.  He wasn’t elected by lobbyists, pollsters, the media, or the insiders.  He was elected by people turning out to vote. Let that be a glimmer of hope.

Voting still matters.

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1 Response to Silver Lining

  1. Q says:

    You made some good points Joe. The people have spoken. Let’s hope for a silver lining. -Q

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