Oh, to be young (and stupid) again…

The adage “You can never have too much insurance” was almost assuredly created by an insurance salesman.  But there’s some truth to it.

One of the salient corollaries to that adage is that you need to have insurance before something happens.  And I’m not just talking about pre-existing medical conditions. Travelers won’t sell you a homeowners policy after your house burns down. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s the same reason Monty Hall won’t let you look behind the respective doors and then make your choice.

Which brings me to this guy.

There are at least two things about which he has nary a clue. One is the aforementioned Monty Hall reference.  The other is a baseline understanding of the concept of insurance.

Insurance is like a Plan B contraceptive. You hope you never need it but you’re always glad it’s available when you do.

Now, I’m going to uncharacteristically take it a little easy on this hipster because he’s young. There’s probably still time for him to grow up (assuming he learns to drive better). But the hypocrisy here is about as obvious as a Nancy Grace fart.

Google it.


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