They’re Called “Smart” Phones But Any Imbecile Can Own One

I can’t believe this even needs to be said, but for the love of everything good and decent, when you a see stranger in distress, put down the effing phone and go help!

Here’s a story guaranteed to make your blood boil.  Its’ horrible. It’s atrocious. It wouldn’t have happened in an alternate reality where anyone other than Trump is President. But even in this corrosively toxic environment that he has created, you’d think there would be a limit to how far people would go. Who beats up a frail 91 year-old?!

And yet as troubling as this account is, I’m reserving my ire for the bystander. Witness this quote: “When I tried to videotape her with my cell phone, she threw that same concrete block, tried to hit my car.”

When you tried to videotape her?!  Jesus friggin Christ.  What was your next comment, “ultimately, I’d like to direct”?

I’m sure it’s hard to throw yourself into the fray and risk your own bodily harm. And given the use of the term “videotape”, I’ll assume this was no spring chicken. But how about shouting at the assailant to stop? Or calling police?  Or trying to get other bystanders to help you?  In fairness, we don’t necessarily know that this woman didn’t do any of those things.  But if the internet is any indication, she likely didn’t.

Yes, technology is here to help us. Yes, it’s good that we can capture video evidence that helps  prosecute bad people. But folks, there’s only one Zapruder film. You’re not the next Ken Burns.

Next time get your 15 minutes of fame by doing something like this guy.

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