This Shit Has Got to Stop!

Folks, I’m not naive.  I know racism isn’t going to be eradicated overnight.  But, seriously, WTF?!

It’s one thing to feel threatened by, and not embrace, people that aren’t like you (not that it’s acceptable, but I understand it – from a sociological perspective). But it’s entirely incomprehensible to act is if you’ve never SEEN a person of color before, or that they aren’t allowed to mow a lawn, sleep in a dorm, knock on a door, or frigging have lunch!

There’s no question that the cretin in the White House has emboldened these people, but what is their end game? Yeah, it’s fun to harass people you don’t like, but I can’t imagine the cops are pleased with you when they have to show up and deal with this nonsense.

If I can paint in massively broad strokes, I suspect at least some of these people sport “Blue Lives Matter” stickers on their pick up trucks.  But if you really support law enforcement (instead of just claiming you do – because it’s code for “I don’t mind that cops shoot blacks”), stop wasting their time.  Stop pulling perfectly good cops away from situations where they may need to provide assistance to someone in need – including one of their own!

And if you you genuinely feel threatened by a middle schooler mowing lawns or someone minding her own business, or taking a nap, you are definitely the biggest pussy that ever lived.

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