Let’s All Tread Gently Around the Delicate Republican Snowflakes

When did the Republican party become the party of the meek and victimized?  Aren’t they the party of personal responsibility?  The ones that accuse other people of being “soft”? Aren’t conservatives the ones that tell us to “pick yourself up by your boot straps”?  The ones that mock things like diversity, mom jeans, homos, and youth sports leagues where everybody gets a trophy?  Aren’t they, you know, the tough guys?

Now it seems like all they can do is cry and throw tantrums and claim “it’s not fair.”  And this is at a time when they control all three branches of government!

Seems like the party of the Gipper needs to grow a pair.

First, poor little rich kid Bret Kavanaugh cried like (can we say it?) a little girl when he was faced with even the slightest bit of resistance to his apparent entitlement to a Supreme Court seat.  Whatever happened to the Republicans’ notion of not blaming others for your own predicament? I guess that only applies to welfare moms and pregnant teenagers.

During Kavanaugh’s hearing, southern “gentleman,” Lindsay Graham (I bet Tobin and Squi mock him for having a girl’s name) was such a delicate little flower that he apparently suffered a massive attack of the vapors, causing his voice to tremble just by being confronted with the prospect of doing his job.

The right wing spin machine is also running full speed claiming poor Judge K is being “attacked” simply because people are reporting on his antics and high school rapiness hijinks.  I guess I’ve forgotten all the times Kavanaugh was too busy not having sex to tell his boss Ken Starr to stop “attacking” Bill Clinton by divulging truths about Clinton’s transgressions.

These weak-kneed cowards have a leader that can’t open his mouth without mocking someone, whether it be a disabled reporter, a sexual assault victim, or a war hero.  Yet they’re quick to cry foul when their feelings are hurt.  Christ. Man-up, you pussies! Are they pussies? I don’t know.  People are saying…

And they can’t even fight their own battles. At the side-show that they ran under the guise of a Senate hearing, they had to hire a woman do their dirty work.

Now comes Rand Paul’s wife to take on that mean Cory Booker, because….well, I guess because Rand can talk big but cowers when confronted by a black man?



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